Fast and Safe

by / Friday, 03 June 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

We wanted to thank you and your staff at Pack n’ Ship for handing all our shipment service year round without interruption.

I can’t thank you enough for such quick response, fast and safe packed shipments that we enjoy all year round! With your temperature controlled shipment service, our customers can enjoy having their favorite wine delivered anytime during the year, whether it’s on a hot summer or cold winter!

We often receive response from our customers how delighted they are to find their Wines arrived in well-packed and insulated boxes.

Our customers are pleased to receive notifications exactly when to expect their wine so they wont have to miss their delivery or having to guess when their wines will arrive.

We enjoy the NO hassle; prompt service you provide and we will continue to utilize your company in all our shipping projects.


Anne Palacios
Vice President
Bergeron Winery, Trinidad, CA