Our Roots in the Vineyard

Pack n’ Ship Direct has been serving winemakers in California and the Pacific Northwest since 1996. But our roots go deeper than that. The company grew from a small family of California wineries, our wineries.home-ourroots-box0

As growers and producers, we faced some of the same challenges you do. We recognized there was a real need in the marketplace and seized the opportunity to take our business directly to the consumer. And that was how it all started.

With the help of some notable industry experts, we formed a strategy and a network of experienced partners to help bring our wine – and the wine of our fellow producers – to discerning consumers throughout the country. Pack ‘n Ship Direct was born.About - Alliance

Over the years, we’ve expanded our capabilities and enhanced the value and scope of our offerings, but one thing hasn’t changed. Our commitment to being the best, most reliable, customer-focused provider in the DTC wine industry is stronger than ever.

We’ve built a solid portfolio of end-to-end services and support options to enable our customers – the marketers and winemakers we serve – to excel in the marketplace with a reach as far as their vision can take them. And to do it with the quality and integrity that builds both brand and trust.

If your passion is bringing great wine to the millions of people who love it most -and growing a successful business with every bottle – we’ve got something in common.

Let’s do it together.